The Grahamston Cookie Policy

We use common tracking technologies.

The Grahamston collects information about users over time and across their website, mobile applications, and other services. We also authorize third parties to collect information this way. To do this, we use several common tracking tools. Our vendors and other third parties may also use these tools. These may include browser cookies. We may also use web beacons, flash cookies, and similar technologies.

We use tracking technologies for a variety of reasons.

We use tracking tools on our websites and mobile applications. Cookies are common on our website and are small files that download when you access certain the website. To learn more, visit or These pages also explain how you can manage and delete cookies. We use tracking tools, including (but not limited to) cookies:

  • To recognise new or past customers.

  • To store your password if you are registered to our site.

  • To improve our website.

  • To serve you with interest-based or targeted advertising (see below for more on interest-based advertising).

  • To observe your behaviours and browsing activities over time across multiple websites or other platforms.

  • To better understand the interests of our customers and our website visitors.

We use specific tracking technologies.

Here is more information about the tracking technologies and cookies we currently use on our websites and where this policy appears. We use all of these tracking technologies to improve our site and the experience of our visitors:

DoubleClick Floodlight and Rocket Fuel: We use these tracking tools to track user behaviour over time and across third party sites to improve the effectiveness of our online advertising. We collect information about what ads users view and whether they click on the ads. We use this information to improve and customize our advertising.

Tealium: We use this tool to manage the tracking technologies and cookies we currently use on our site.

Omniture and Adobe Test and Target: We use these tools to collect information about how visitors use our website. For example, we collect details of the pages the visitor views on our site and the total number of times a visitor has been to our website.

Facebook Social Plugins: We use this technology to allow users to share their experiences with our Apps and websites on Facebook. For example, we may collect your browser information, demographic data, and interaction data. We utilise the following cookies on The Grahamston website:

Crumb: We use this cookie to prevent cross-site request forgery (CSRF). CSRF is an attack vector that tricks a browser into taking unsolicited action in an application when someone is currently logged in.

  • Squarespace-popup-overlay: This cookie is utilised on our website to prevent promotional pop-ups from displaying if a user dismisses it.

  • Sqaurespace-announcement-bar: We use this cookie to prevent the Announcement Bar from appearing if the user chooses to dismiss it.

  • Test: We utilise Test cookies to investigate whether the browser supports cookies and prevents errors.

  • Pop: Used to indicate whether the BDA was opened in a pop-up window

  • IbdataQuery: This cookie set by the BDA is used to let us know if the user data has been loaded.

  • UserSettings: This cookie is utilised within the online booking system to store the user data’s including the diner’s name, so that the diners do not need to fill in the form again. This information is only saved when the ‘remember me’ box is checked.

We engage in interest-based advertising.

We and our partners display interest-based advertising using information gathered about you over time across multiple websites, mobile applications, or other platforms.

Interest-based advertising or ""online behavioural advertising"" includes ads served to you after you leave our website, encouraging you to return. They also include ads we think are relevant based on your shopping habits or online activities. These ads might be served on websites or on apps. They might also be served in emails. We might serve these ads, or third parties may serve ads. They might be about our products or other companies' products.

How do we gather relevant information about you for interest-based advertising?

To decide what is relevant to you, we use information you make available to us when you interact with us, our affiliates, and other third parties. We gather this information using the tracking tools described above.

We work with third parties who help gather this information. These third parties might link your name or email address to other information they collect. That might include online usage information.

You can control tracking tools and can opt out of interest-based advertising.

In engaging in interest-based advertising, we adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance's Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioural Advertising, which you can review at

On our website, we typically use cookies to engage in interest-based advertising. Your browser may give you the ability to control cookies. How you do so depends on the type of cookie. Certain browsers can be set to reject browser cookies. To find out more about how to enable, disable, or delete cookies from your web browser, please visit and To control flash cookies, which we may use on certain websites from time to time, you can go to Why? Because flash cookies cannot be controlled through your browser settings. If you block cookies, certain features on our sites may not work. If you block or reject cookies, not all of the tracking described here will stop. Options you select are browser and device specific.

In addition, the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioural Advertising program provides consumers with the ability to opt-out of having their online behaviour recorded and used for advertising purposes. To opt out of having participating entities collect your online behaviour for advertising purposes when browsing our websites, visit To opt out of having participating entities collect your online behaviour for advertising purposes when using our mobile apps, download and use the Digital Advertising Alliance's ""App Choices"" app. Choices you make are both browser and device-specific.

Our Do Not Track Policy

Some websites have ""do not track"" features that allow you to tell a website not to track you. These features are not all uniform. We do not currently respond to those signals.