Like the ghost in the camera, there is very little evidence of Grahamston, Glasgow’s forgotten village.
— Norrie Gilliland

You may have heard the rumours of what lies beneath Glasgow Central Station. ‘Like the ghost in the camera’, there is very little evidence of Grahamston, the Victorian village that stood for 200 years in the heart of Glasgow.

Only a few tantalising fragments and stories remain; mysterious subterranean pathways, bountiful silver treasure, theatrical tragedies, all long since buried beneath the streets on which The Grahamston bar and kitchen now stands.

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But now, we're bringing the enigma back to life at Radisson Blu Glasgow, with a vibrant, stylish drinking and dining experience, flavoured by this forgotten village. Walk in the footsteps of a Grahamstonian whilst enjoying contemporary twists on classic dishes and vintage cocktails.

Revel in the intrigue as the story of Grahamston is revealed piece by piece, and enjoy a new perspective on a local legend.

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